The Sweetness of Doing Nothing.

Emily here! British,18 years of age. Sherlockian. Tribute. Whovian.
Benedict makes me weak. And Martin makes me want to stroke his face. Oh and Andrew is is he even real? Tom Hiddleston, need I say more? I am in so many fandoms and love so many people I can barely explain. My mad fat diary is a new addition.


i was presenting something in english the other day and this kid started snickering and laughing at me so i just stopped in the middle of talking and stared at him with the best evil look ever and


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If by ‘fuck the police’ you mean fuck the corrupt, prejudiced, racist system then yes, fuck the police, but if you mean fuck the police for stopping you from smoking weed and getting away with illegal behaviour then no, fuck you.

But what if I mean “I wish to have intercourse with that man in uniform”

then fuck the police

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